Matterport 3D Scanning

ScannedSpaces has been providing Matterport scans in the phoenix area since 2015. We are proud to offer the latest and greatest tool in Real Estate Marketing Technology: 3D Mapping. We are one of the few companies in Arizona that utilize the Matterport® PRO 3D Camera, the absolute finest in interior mapping technology.

Matterport Service PartnerA complete scan of an average home takes about 45 minutes per 1,000 square feet. Not only do we have the technology to get the job done right, you’ll also find our pricing is the most affordable around. Besides the great money saving value of our 3D scans, we also offer a FREE Virtual Tour for your listing on this website!

So what are you waiting for? Take your listings to the next dimension by scheduling ScannedSpaces today!

Our scans are done using the Matterport® PRO 3D Camera. This unique device allows us to ‘walk’ your home, taking a series of detailed, Hi-Res 360 degree scans along the way. After the entire property has been ‘mapped’, the culmination of all images is merged and configured into an immersive 3D world that visitors can interact with on any device including PC’s, tablets, or phones.

Imagine having potential buyers from just about anywhere in the world being able to walk the interior of your listing just like they were there! The detail and immersiveness of this unique tool will keep potential buyers engaged and interested.

ATTENTION REALTORS®: Any agent can offer a seller a set of photos and an MLS listing, but how many can offer such a rich, unique, and valuable tool to engage potenital buyers? This tool truly sets your listing apart from others.


  • Place your 3D Showcase on the MLS as
    virtual tour link.
  • Include a 3D Showcase on your webpage, just
    like a video.
  • Add a 3D Showcase button to your listing
  • Already have an account on Embed your 3D Showcase on your existing Virtual Tour.


  • Dollhouse: Only Matterport shows how the entire space fits together with its proprietary Dollhouse view.
  • Inside: Only Matterport allows a buyer to feel like they are actually moving through a space.
  • Floorplan: Only Matterport automatically generates a top-down photo realistic floorplan view for every space scanned.

Prices Start At Just $149

Matterport Scanning - Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and MORE!


With Matterport, our clients gain a competitive advantage over other agents, making them the clear choice to list any home.

You can better reach busy or out-of-town buyers, because with Matterport, they can feel like they are actually there, anytime.

Let us help you raise your profile as a high-tech real estate agent by using state-of-the-art technology like Matterport.

Call (480) 409-1906 for more information. Ready to schedule a scan of your listing? Click HERE and let ScannedSpaces take your listings to the next level!