Scanning a second floor with Matterport

Matterport scanning Phoenix Scottsdale Chandler Mesa
The Matterport 3d Camera makes it easy to create visually stunning and engaging 3D virtual walkthrough’s for your listing. However, there are some things that you might encounter that require a little bit of finesse when scanning. The Matterport App lets you add a second floor to any scan, which in and of itself is pretty easy to understand and use… If you know this little trick. I’ll use this scan from Chandler near Ahwatukee to show as an example. Want a Matterport 3D Scan of your ...

Biltmore Townhome – Phoenix

Matterport Scan Phoenix Biltmore
This beautiful 1-bed 2-bath townhome was a pleasure to scan. The interior provided abundant lighting which made the exterior lighting blend that much better. This scan also illustrates one of the minor limitations of the Matterport scanner when it comes to narrow doorways, or in this case, hallways. Our experience doing 3D scans has taught us how to work around and maximize the space available so that viewers can get the best view of a room or space without having to necessarily 'walk' all th...

Virtual Tour and Matterport 3D Scan Pricing

Matterport 3D Scanning Service Partner
Our prices and services can't be beat! Virtual Tours Up to 30 photos! Beautiful, vibrant, mobile friendly Single Property Listing Pages Upload up to 30 photos Images can be re-ordered, added, or deleted Great for resale and new homes, rentals, FSBO, commecial, and MORE! Your contact information is prominently displayed on every view Track visitors and activity in your Control panel Sections include school and demographic information, Google® Maps display, contact...

Verrado – Buckeye

Buckeye Matterport Scan
This scan was unique for us. The lower level of the home is wide open with long, deep rooms and lots of light. The upstairs contained all six bedrooms. Take a look again at how we handled the staircase... you can literally 'walk' up the stairs to the second floor. Speaking of staircase, this scan hilites how ScannedSpaces has the experience necessary to make navigating a tight turn on a staircase easy. The trick is knowing what the camera is going to 'see' as it scans it's way up the stairs. ...

114th Way McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale

Scottsdale McDowell Mountain Ranch Matterport scan
You've got to see the scan of this beautiful home in North Scottsdale. In the screenshot below, you can see how the Matterport camera is able to capture the exterior view from the dining room. In an area like McDowell Mountain Ranch the view is a key selling point, and having the ability to have a buyer walk through the home, stop, and look at the views from the windows helps hilite that point. Surprisingly, a home like this does not take a proportionately larger amount of scans than a smalle...

Dove Valley Rd. Wittmann

Wittmann Matterport scan
We service the greater Phoenix area, as evidenced by this property in Wittmann. ScannedSpaces is here to provide you with quality Matterport scans without nickle-and-dime'ing you with trip charges or only servicing certain areas certain days of the week. This scan shows a good mix of wide open space (living / dining room), and narrower walkways and spaces like the laundry room and bedroom entrance. The results of the scan were perfect as you can see. Want a Matterport Scan for your lis...

Briles Rd. Phoenix

This beautiful home near Desert Ridge is a great example of how to stage a home. The owner was living in the home but the way it was staged made it look like it was from a Model Home in a New Home Subdivision! On this scan, the Realtor requested an automatic walkthrough. Matterport recently added an automated player of slides that are captured from the scan. Placed in order, they create an interesting feature that runs the viewer through the home automatically, stopping at designated scan po...

Dobson Rd. – Chandler

Chandler Arizona Matterport scan
This was our first venture out into the Ahwatukee / Chandler area. This beautiful home was designed by the owner and has numerous additions and modifications that you never would think could be put into a home. My favorite are the 'Appliance Garages' that appear throughout the kitchen and other rooms. See if you can spot them in the scan! This was also our first two-story property. Doing a staircase and keeping the movement fluid can be tricky with the Matterport, but as you'll see from the r...

N. 145TH Way – Scottsdale

Matterport 3d walkthrough - Scottsdale
This stunning home in Scottsdale hilites how the Matterport scan is able to provide a truly detailed, immersive walkthrough. Look at the screen shot below and you'll see that while standing in the kitchen, you can clearly see the back office doorway WAAAYYYYY at the other end of the house. The beauty of these higher-end homes is that they are usually very generous with the space... Large hallways and entryways, high ceilings, and lots of light. The Matterport camera is able to capture the det...

1503 Indian Rock – The Boulders Resort, Scottsdale

Matterport Scan - Carefree, Arizona
This beautiful home near Carefree has over 110 scan points. The great thing about a Matterport scan is is it’s ability to provide detail and vision to spaces that are not only close up, but also at the other end of the house! You can see points in this scan where you can literally look from one side of the house and still make out items at the other end. You can also see how the Matterport is able to capture what is outside a window with great detail. Check out the front patio / entryway to t...