Why You Need To Implement Technology In Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Still think technology isn’t important when it comes to marketing yourself and your property listings? Let’s look at some statistics that should convince you that having a comprehensive technology plan is a necessity for today’s Real Estate marketing.

  • Over the last 4 years, home searches on Google grew over 240%
  • Over 90% of prospective home buyers search for a property online
  • Buyers will use the internet more than agents
  • Buyers using real Estate Agents will still search online for properties

howstep1Technology has really helped the Real Estate buyer when it comes to finding a home, especially out of state buyers. If you’re not implementing a comprehensive technology marketing plan for your Real Estate business, you’re missing the boat. In the next few years you’ll probably watch from the sidelines as those that have embraced and implemented the technology side of Real Estate fly right by you.

Don’t miss the boat. Start learning about how these emerging technologies can help yo and your career.

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