What is a Virtual Tour

Having a virtual tour for your listing can give it that extra ‘WOW’ factor… However, in today’s tech savvy world, just having a picture or video Virtual Tour isn’t enough.

Most companies that have been doing Virtual Tours for a while tout the fact that they include a ‘video’ presentation of the home. First of all, videos are not virtual, they are static videos. The ‘virtual’ part of a video simply means you can pause, rewind, and hopefully stop the awful, sleepy-time music they often have playing in the background.

Today, modern Virtual Tours include elements that are truly Virtual, like Matterport 3D Scans that give potential buyers the ability to ‘virtually’ walk the entire home, spinning around and looking up and down at every location they want. These types of scans also provide the ability for visitors to walk back and forth from room to room instead of following a video path that they can’t change.

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