What is Virtual Real Estate

Technology is not a replacement for a Realtor, but technology has become instrumental when it comes to getting leads and online referrals. Virtual Real Estate is the practice of providing prospective buyers a one-stop shop that is a completely immersive and all encompassing experience. Imagine what a buyer would need to read and see about a property online in order for them to get just as interested as they would if they had visited it in person.

Being in Arizona, you know that our market is ripe with out of town buyers that are re-locating here or looking for that perfect winter home. Putting up a bunch of still shots and a description on the MLS isn’t going to inspire them to learn more about the property in question because they typically aren’t able to even pull enough information to determine whether or not the  home even interests them.

That’s where Virtual Real Estate comes in. It is the combination of several processes and presentation platforms that gives a potential buyer the means to investigate and view the property so that they can make an informed decision. Why waste time trying get more information on a listing that just shows photos is when they can look at a property that has a complete and immersive presentation?

The process of turning your listing into a unique Virtual Real Estate experience involves a few more steps:

  • A Virtual Tour / Single Property Website dedicated to only your listing
  • A 3D Virtual Walkthrough, preferably using Matterport
  • Interactive overhead map view of the property showing nearby freeways and other POI
  • School information
  • A Mortgage Calculator so buyers get an idea of the financial commitment required
  • Comprehensive information about you, the Realtor, so buyers are introduced to you even before they contact you
  • A simple Contact Form that is sent directly to your email, not a 3rd party for processing

Thankfully, there are local companies out there that can help with all of these endeavors, some can even help with all!

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